5 Innovative Ways of Teaching Online to Engage Students Better

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The use of technologies within the education arena has changed the way children grasp their lessons. The era of traditional teaching through the classrooms is still prevalent in most sectors. But with, the pandemic crisis of 2020 taught the world about leveraging the potential of online teaching. Today, educational institutions are leveraging the potential of online teaching through modern technologies.

The schools are hiring teachers with the technological mindset to carry out their lessons online with utmost feasibility. The way of teaching they adopt while taking the classes in person is now being replicated through online means. In this article, you will get to know the various innovative ways of teaching online to keep the students engaged.

1. The Online Presentation Should be Par Excellent

If the students are watching you through a web camera, you need to be sure that you are looking presentable as a teacher. Apart from that, what’s important is that you should also prepare the location accordingly to give a school or classroom-like vibe to the students. If you want to eliminate the distractions, you should work with just a simple background. It is the first step you would take to make your online class presentable.

Keep changing the tone of your voice and modulate it to make the class even more interesting on certain topics. For instance, you can try voice modulation during the class when discussing something funny or explaining a funny story example to make the class understand a current topic. You can praise the class and its students for good behaviour and response over time to make the online presentation more appealing.

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2. Make use of Technology as much as Possible

When you are teaching online, it comes with loads of challenges in utilizing the technologies. But in the pursuit of utilizing these technologies, you get a variety of tools at your fingertips. When you intend to use pointers, virtual games, drawing tools, text editors, and whiteboards, some technologies can make all of these tools more interesting to work with.

You need to first learn how to use all of these virtual tools to embrace modern education in India. You will also have to explain these concepts to the students to ensure that they feel confident while using them. If you are new to those virtual tools, you should try creative ways to use them to liven up the teaching sessions.

3. Find out the Elements that keep your Student on Toes

You need to look for elements that can keep your student on toes and stick to the class, not by rule but by choice. And for that, you need to do individual student assessments on what they like about school and what interests them. Suppose your students are getting bored of the usual online teaching sessions, and you want to make things interesting for them. In that case, you can head outdoors and give them real-life examples on relatable topics.

If you are an art teacher and your students are more into live paintings and real-life scenic drawings, count on taking your class in such an ambience one day. Take the class outside and let the students enjoy the view while you take your class in a peaceful yet beautiful place with internet access.

4. Set the Goals for Online Learners

One of the simplest ways to make the children stick to your online classes is to set some short-term goals and help them stick to them. If you are teaching a specific lesson from the curriculum, you must give them a task and a short deadline to help them master the facts you conveyed to them through the lessons.

5. Understand the Learning Gaps and Fill them

When the students switch from offline to online classes, there is a possibility that there might be a learning gap. It is very obvious because of various teaching factors, which vary in these teaching modes. Therefore, online teaching should have a diagnostic assessment, where you would realize the education gaps and fill them to maintain the flow of education.


So, these are the 5 unique ways modern education in India is booming. The online arena is evolving for teachers and students over time. It is high time that students should be ready to attain education through both means!. Matrix High School offers an online learning facility for students to cope with the modern technological wave. They have the best faculties who impose no difference in teaching patterns in online or offline classes. So, you can count on getting your admissions today and be part of Matrix

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