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Matrix Academy Matrix Academy Matrix Academy Matrix Academy Matrix Academy Matrix Academy

An academy that is nurturing the top students who crack the JEE every year. All India Ranks in the 100 range are there. The top 5 in STSE are also from Matrix JEE Academy. They have a very good course combo which provides thee education from foundation years of the school. Regular classes with performance appraisal and feedback are there.

Having more than 20 IIT, IIM & Medical Graduates as faculty, Matrix provides top-quality training for cracking these competitive exams. A system based on the methodological research in IIT, JEE, and NEET exam cracking, provides a learning atmosphere. 

The hybrid nature of classrooms through the digital library and the physical presence of well-trained teachers is loved. Foundation courses for students are also available to nurture their growth in the right direction from the starting. 

Recent results showcase the prominence of its beloved teaching system. In JEE Mains, more than 100  students were selected. 6 of the Top 10 toppers in JEE Mains 2020 attempt were from this academy. In JEE Advanced more than 1200 students were selected. Similarly, in NTSE Stage 1, 28 Selections were from Matrix. 

They promise the best results in JEE & NEET through their systematic study groups and methods. Hiring the best faculty in India for teaching students and solving their problems, this academy has appeared as one of the best institutes for enrolling students who want to achieve great heights in their careers. Using advanced digital tools using quality videos, personalized analytics, and doubt solution sessions, all students feel confident in their abilities to crack the toughest exams. 

Rank: 1 in Sikar for IIT

Features –

  • Excellent Analysis
  • JEE Paper Solved with Teacher’s Attention
  • Co-Ed Institute
  • Top Result Grabbers
  • Student Portal
  • Digital Courses

Positives – Good environment
Negatives – Too much versatility

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