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An academy that is nurturing the top students who crack the JEE every year. All India Ranks in the 100 range are there. The top 5 in STSE are also from Matrix JEE Academy. They have a very good course combo which provides thee education from foundation years of the school. Regular classes with performance appraisal and feedback are there.

Matrix promises the best results for the NEET exams due to its dedicated faculty. The faculty involves great mentors who are Medical graduates and have been working in the field for many years. The combination of experience and qualifications leads to a comprehensive education program that delivers the result unprecedented. 

In terms of infrastructure, Matrix is unprecedented. The lighting condition of the classrooms leads to a positive environment with increased focus. Proper water facility, power failure safety, and furnishing are excellent. They have moved further from blackboards. Now they have smartboards powered by the digital medium. Here live interactive modules with teachers from across India can be accessed. The things can be explained visually leading to major comprehension improvement for the students. Online testing and video classrooms are developed for the proper analysis of the student’s performance. High-quality video content and reach of access for the students are provided. 

They also have a great infrastructure leading to an environment boosting creativity and motivation. Digital library access provides easy resource management for the students saving their time in accessing knowledge.

The ratio between students and faculty is maintained such that each teacher can focus on the limited number of students for personalized training of the mind. Regular tests keep in check the progress of students.

Rank: 1 in Sikar for NEET

Features –

  • Excellent Analysis
  • JEE Paper Solved with Teacher’s Attention
  • Co-Ed Institute
  • Top Result Grabbers
  • Student Portal
  • Digital Courses

Positives – Good environment
Negatives – Too much versatility

Matrix Neet Faculty

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